Time to open the gift!

We've a few weeks passed Christmas, but this is a present that we've been sitting on since the middle of December. Today we present our two main speakers at DrupalCamp Gothenburg 2014 which is held in Gothenburg on the 15th of November.

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The DrupalCamp crew of 2014


picture of jeffery

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire

Open Source Evangelist at Acquia, has a longstanding passion for the Drupal project and its community. This has led to him being active at the intersection between open source software, business, and culture. Increasingly in demand as a speaker, he is regularly featured at events around the world, talking about open source, digital disruption, Drupal and more. This helps satisfy his inner diva, which he also feeds with performances as a storyteller and musician.

picture of kristof

Kristof De Jaeger

Kristof is an experienced web developer ever since PHP 3 came out. He got hooked on Drupal after experimenting with tons of other frameworks including writing his own - who didn't right ? He has written and maintains a dozen modules, writes patches for Drupal core and will review every single line of code that goes out into production. He's not afraid to dive into code and research best performance practices in order to save kittens.

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